Episode 15. Life, Death and the Tall Man: Phantasm and Phantasm II


Andrea and Alex dig up the bodies they have been burying around the city and discuss the business of death, dream logic, and some beloved character’s journeys through Don Coscarelli’s first two films in the Phantasm universe. 


Phantasm. Dir. Don Coscarelli. 1979.  [DVD]

Phantasm II. Dir. Don Coscarelli. 1988. [DVD] [Blu-Ray]


The Order of the Good Death. A movement to de-mystify the death industry. The videos section is highly recommended viewing.


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4 thoughts on “Episode 15. Life, Death and the Tall Man: Phantasm and Phantasm II

  1. Chris M says:

    Phantasm has always been one of the films held closest to my heart. I lost someone close to me when I was 15, so relatively close to Michael’s age. If you approach the original film as a dream like allegory, it paralleled how I felt at the time. The lonelyness and the sense of helplessness, especially the impotent sense of anger because there was nothing that can be done except to just deal with reality of the situation. It was also interesting on your perspective on the female perspective of death and how that relates to the second movie, I now have a new way to the film the next time I watch it.

  2. Great show! And I had no idea that Phantasm 5 was happening at all until I heard it here.

  3. Josiah says:

    Oh, did I love this!
    My new favorite podcast, so happy to have found it!

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