Episode 77. Human Nature: Under the Skin (2013)

Live from Salem Horror Fest 2019 – Andrea and Alex tackle Jonathan Glazer’s alien masterpiece. Bringing the outlying universe down to Earth, Under The Skin reveals the darkest parts of consciousness in a chilling meditation on what it means to be human.

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Under the Skin. Dir. Jonathan Glazer, 2013.


VIDEO: The Making of Under the Skin. An in-depth look at the film’s production.
The Alien Gaze of Under the Skin. How Under the Skin employs and subverts gaze theory.
Where to Begin with Folk Horror. Some key definitions of the increasingly popular sub-genre.
Gender Trouble: Feminism and the Subversion of Identity (1990) by Judith Butler. Gender is as gender does, but it’s just a bit more complicated.


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2 thoughts on “Episode 77. Human Nature: Under the Skin (2013)

  1. It was a very interesting and thought-provoking podcast! I never thought that the dead body at the beginning of the movie was the previous alien. Perhaps the filmmakers are trying to make the point that being a female human is a difficult and deadly task?

    • Andrea says:

      Funny you should say that – I also didn’t think the woman at the beginning was another alien being until I read other reviews and discussed it with Alex. I actually thought it was a random human woman they kidnapped in order to replicate her form or something.

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