Episode 80: Return of the Fack!

It’s that time again…
Best of 2019!
Best of the Decade!
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2 thoughts on “Episode 80: Return of the Fack!

  1. ELIZABETH Mary CHILDS says:

    Hey ladies,

    I would love to know your thoughts on Mandy. It left me with such a different take than most movies I’ve seen and I just loved the film style. I was thinking about it for days after seeing it, and I really dont like Nicolas cage! Loved the year/decade in review! Can’t wait for the se7en episode!

  2. Eric Ellicock says:

    Awesome show as always; I keep hoping that my wife will overhear your musings and become magically converted to the joys of the genre. Not happening yet sadly, but I live in hope. Here’s a top 10 of the past decade for what it’s worth. Decided to go with films that I don’t think got mentioned in the show as I’m guessing at this point we all know how good The Witch, Get Out et al are.

    1) The Love Witch: I fell in love with this upon first viewing and my love has not abated since. Samantha Robinson is magnificent in this and I can’t wait to see what Anna Biller does next.

    2) It Follows: I don’t think this got mentioned in the recent podcast, but I might be wrong. So many great moments in this, many of which are genuinely terrifying.

    3) The Bay: I love found footage and this film scares the hell out of me. It all seems alarmingly plausible; the combination of corporate and municipal negligence that allows the film’s events to happen is perhaps the most horrifying thing here.

    4) Nina Forever: This is another one of those films that I just fell in love with as soon as I saw it. A sad, funny and extremely human tale of the influence that the deceased can exert over the lives of those they leave behind.

    5) The Woman: Came to this late in the game; watched it this past October via an online horror forum recommendation. The first hour or so had me scratching my head as to why I was supposed to be impressed and then BOOM!, this becomes one of the most brutal and curiously affecting films I’ve seen in a long time.

    6) Anna and the Apocalypse: Checked this out over the holidays. Had suspected that I would love this since I first heard of it and it didn’t disappoint. A zombie Christmas musical – how can you go wrong?

    7) mother!: I’ve been meaning to rewatch this as I’ve only seen it once and that first viewing blew me away. Definitely not to everyone’s liking but I loved the way this didn’t stop getting increasingly hysterical.

    8) The Sacrament: Another found footage entry. A chilling depiction of a Jim Jones-like cult that is all the more horrific because you always know exactly where it’s heading.

    9) Phantasm: Ravager: OK, so maybe not the best film ever, but any decade that produces a new Phantasm film is alright by me.

    10) It Comes at Night: I feel like this got a lot of buzz when it first came out and then was instantly overshadowed by Get Out. This is highly recommended for fans of dark, creeping terror.

    There you go then, let’s see what the 20s have to offer…

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