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Episode 107. Ultraviolence: A Clockwork Orange (1971)

Time to take a break from the ol’ Ludwig Van and join us at the Korova Milkbar for a trip into the near dystopian future of A Clockwork Orange. From our Pavlovian responses, to patient care and British Literature, we’ll slooshy what Kubrick’s film has to offer. 


A Clockwork Orange. Dir. Stanley Kubrick, 1971.


The Angry Young Men Movement. An overview of the literary movement that shocked a nation in the late 1950s. 
Commedia Dell’Arte: An Actor’s Handbook. An in-depth look at the Italian theatre practice and all the characters within it, including the Alex reminiscent Il Capitano. 
Stanley Strangelove. The seminal pearl-clutcher by Pauline Kael for the New Yorker in 1972.


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