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Episode 70. Man Eater: Ravenous (1999)

Andrea and Alex head West to explore the notions of Manifest Destiny and the Frontier Myth in Antonia Bird’s Ravenous. Combining historical context through a modern gaze, Ravenous proves you are who you eat.


Ravenous. Dir. Antonia Bird, 1999.


Manifest Destiny – An overview of the philosophical American mandate to head West.

Cannibal (2006) – a German film based on the true story of Armin Meiwes, who ate a man he met online.

“You Are Who You Eat” – Bitch Flicks’ essay on Ravenous, with a discussion on how it handles “manpain.”

Frontier Violence – NYT 1974 article on Richard Slotkin’s recontextualization of the American Frontier Myth.

Survival: A Thematic Guide to Canadian Literature, by Margaret Atwood.

A Tribe Called Red – Canadian Indigenous rap group.

Tanya Tagaq – Canadian Inuk throat singer.


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