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Episode 6. One Ring to Rule Them All: Ring (1998) and The Ring (2002)


Alex and Andrea watch a cursed tape. Well, two cursed tapes. Well, a movie about a cursed tape and a remake of that movie. In this episode we’re talking about Hideo Nakata’s Ring (1998) and the Gore Verbinski The Ring (2002) and how changes big and small illuminate dark secrets in different parts of the world.


Ringu. Dir. Hideo Nakata. 1998. [DVD]

The Ring. Dir. Gore Verbinski. 2013. [DVD] [Blu-Ray]


The Remake Man by Tad Friend, originally appeared in The New Yorker. A piece about the enigmatic figure of Roy Lee the man who helped launch the J-Horror remake trend and raise it to dizzying heights.


Right click or option-click here and choose “Save Target As…” to download the mp3.

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