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Episode 90. Dream Within a Dream: Picnic at Hanging Rock (1975)

In this episode, Alex and Andrea we venture into the knowns and many unknowns of Peter Weir’s seminal Australian film. From missing white women to colonialism and purity and propriety, we tackle the many mysteries of Hanging Rock.
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Picnic at Hanging Rock. Dir. Peter Weir, 1975.


Gaylords of Darkness’ Episode 71: Their fantastic episode on Picnic at Hanging Rock.
The Secret of Hanging Rock: A PDF of the excised final chapter and accompanying essays.
Miranda Must Go: A campaign to overhaul the tourism surrounding Hanging Rock.
The Uses of Fear: Spatial Politics in the Australian Whiter-vanishing Trope: Elspeth Tilley’s article examining Australian fascination with missing white women.
The Apology and the Battle over Australia’s Founding Myth – Lindy Edward’s piece on reparations in Australia.


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