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Episode 18. Camp Blood: Friday the 13th (1980) and Sleepaway Camp (1983)


Pack your bag, say goodbye to Mom and Dad because it’s camp time. The annual tradition of camping has come to the Faculty of Horror and Andrea and Alex set off into the wilds to talk about nature, madmen/women and the politics of adolescence.¬†


Sleepaway Camp. Dir. Robert Hiltzik. 1983. [Blu-ray/DVD]

Friday the 13th. Dir. Sean S. Cunningham. 1980. [DVD]


History of Summer Camps. A brief history of the North American compulsion to camp overnight.

Sleepaway Camp Analysis, a brilliant and well-referenced article on the impact of the film from a soiological perspective.

Horror Movies as Modern Day Morality Tales. An analytical look at some of the most popular slashers and what they have to teach us about life (and horrible, grisly death).


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