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Episode 121. Close Quarters: Single White Female (1992)

What kind of person could you live with? Barbet Shroeder’s paranoid erotic thriller seeks to answer that question and more as it delves into queer fear, sexual conservatism, property rights and female intimacy. 
If you’re Toronto, catch Alex’s lecture on Brexit in the modern British horror film on October 17 at the Revue Cinema – get your tickets here. 


Single White Female. Dir. Barbet Schroeder, 1992. 


You Must Remember This. Katrina Longworth’s in-depth look at Hollywood, including the last two seasons on the Erotic ’80s and ’90s
The Rise and Fall of the Erotic Thriller. An overview of the complicated sub-genre. 
A Room Of One’s Own. Virginia Woolfe’s treatise on women and access to private spaces. 
Queersighted: The Gay Best Friend Criterion Collections video discussion of the problematic trope


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