Episode 14. Join Us: The Evil Dead & Evil Dead II: Dead By Dawn


Alex and Andrea pack up their problems and head to a remote cabin in the woods to learn what lurks deep inside every man which leads to bloodshed and dismemberment. Hopefully, by utilizing hero and mythical analysis they’ll be able to get the safety deposit back.


The Evil Dead. Dir. Sam Raimi. 1981. [DVD] [Blu-Ray]

Evil Dead II. Dir. Sam Raimi. 1987. [DVD] [Blu-Ray]


An overview of the Ancient Greek uses for comedy and tragedy. Many of these same specifications still apply to the genre today.

A breakdown of the Joseph Campell Hero’s Journey. From an overall look to a step by step breakdown of each part.

An analysis of Carl Jung’s journey theory, what each one means and how the sometimes very slight differences can change the overall outcome.


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6 thoughts on “Episode 14. Join Us: The Evil Dead & Evil Dead II: Dead By Dawn

  1. Monica K. says:

    auuugh this episode and this website and this podcast are so great auuugh

    congrats on the website!

  2. Elyni says:

    Do you cover any horror tv series? Was listening to this recently and I finished Ash vs Evil Dead a while back. Just wondering.

  3. Gore-or movie fan says:

    Another good horror podcast is Horror Movie Podcast. They don’t go as in depth as you guys and are more about reviewing the movies but, are really good.

  4. Hammycatra says:

    If you haven’t seen the Musical you really should. It was awesome. Wear a poncho

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