Episode 85: Summer of Plague Pt 2. Shut In: 10 Cloverfield Lane (2016)

Time to hunker in your bunker! In this episode, Andrea and Alex tackle the issues surrounding Nice Guys, privilege, and the conservative ideology around preservation during times of upheaval.

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10 Cloverfield Lane. Dir Dan Trachtenberg, 2016. 


r/niceguys. These “nice guys” aren’t nice.
Awards for Good Boys. Add some “nice guy” satire to your Instagram feed with art by Mia Mingus.
The BATCAVE. Andrea’s YouTube episode on 10 Cloverfield Lane.
Cloverfield Clues: A whole YouTube channel devoted to Cloverfield marketing easter eggs online.
J.J. Abrams – The Mystery Box. Abrams’ Ted Talk on the central conceit to his creations. 
Theatre and the Plague. Antonin Artaud’s treaty The Theatre and Its Double, which contain his plague theory.
Hollywood 9/11. Tom Pollard’s book on 9/11’s impact on the film industry.
Gaylords of Darkness, Episode 82. An amazing interview with Luca Guadagnino and David Kajganich the director and writer of Suspiria (2018).


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BONUS CONTENT! Commentary: I Know What You Did Last Summer (1997)

Join Alex for a commentary on the teen slasher classic, I Know What You Did Last Summer. Featuring a discussion of wigs, classism, star power and how an urban legend threatened to bring down a cynical generation, this commentary makes the case for July 4 becoming the Fisherman’s Holiday.

Cue up the film, get some popcorn and settle in for 100 minutes of teens making terrible choices.

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Fack Flash: Quarantine Viewing, part 1

We’ve had a lot of people asking what we’ve been watching lately so here’s a run of the new releases that have been on our radar.

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Movies discussed: 

  • The Hunt
  • Vivarium
  • The Invisible Man
  • Sea Fever
  • Sputnik
  • Underwater
  • I See You
  • Antlers
  • Blood Quantum
  • Relic
  • Dreamland
  • The Rental
  • Swallow

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