Episode 81. You Bring Me Closer to God: Se7en (1995)

From the Gothic urban landscape, to narrative switch-a-roos, to entitled male rage, David Fincher’s Se7en is much more than a morality-wielding killer with a penchant for… unboxings. In this episode, Andrea and Alex delve into the movie’s complicated moral codes, the history of detective fiction and the dangers of having a God-complex.
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Se7en. Dir David Fincher, 1995.


Places of Horror: Fincher’s “Seven” and Fear of the City in Recent Hollywood Film – An academic look at the fear of urbanization in Se7en.
Se7en Title Sequence – An in-depth look at the film’s title sequence featuring an interview with Kyle Cooper.
American Horror Story: 7 Seasons of Title Design – Alex’s piece on the title sequences of American Horror Story and an interview with Kyle Cooper.
We’re heading back to Salem! Check out more info on the Women with Guts weekend and Salem Horror Fest in October


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Fack Flash: Our Furry Familiars – PREVIEW

It’s a Fack Flash episode about our pets! Join Alex, Andrea and a feisty Pomeranian for a chat about furbabies, familiars and the auditory terrors of canine indigestion.

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Decade in Review: Horror Headlines (PREVIEW)

In our first Fack Flash of 2020, Alex and Andrea look back at horror’s biggest happenings and headlines of the past decade, including #metoo, Women in Horror Month, the return of Stephen King, and much more!
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