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Episode 130. Nature Calls: Eden Lake (2008) and Backcountry (2014)

Pack your bags and your partner because this episode leaves the comforts of civilized society far behind. In this episode we unpack the need for serenity, the heritage of toxic masculinity, and why a bear might actually make a great boyfriend. 


Eden Lake. Dir. James Watkins, 2008. 
Backcountry. Dir. Adam MacDonald, 2014. 


Overall Crime Down 44% Since 1995. The Guardian article that pushes back against conservative narratives. 
Gangs and Children. A study on the impetus for youth to join gangs and why.
The Gated Community Mentality. Rich Benjamin’s piece on the groupthink that emerges from the gated community lifestyle.
David Mech’s website – the author of incel bible The Wolf: Ecology and Behavior of an Endangered Species addresses the widespread misuse of the term “Alpha.”
From the “Cosmo Quiz” to Quizilla to Buzzfeed… what’s next?. The Smithsonian Magazine looks back at the history of quizzes. 


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