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Episode 93. Candid Camera: Perfect Blue (1997) and Cam (2018)

From pop idols to cam girls, the line between reality and perception is dangerously blurred. In this episode, Andrea and Alex delve into the world of personas, obsession and perfection with two films, released decades apart, that grapple with modern anxieties.


Perfect Blue. Dir. Satoshi Kon, 1997.
Cam. Dir. Daniel Goldhaber, 2018.


Ways of Seeing. John Berger’s BBC series on gaze and perception.
Why We’re Obsessed with Celebrities. Psychology Today‘s take our desire for fame equating goodness.
Camgirl. Isa Mazzei’s memoir of camming.
Algorithms have already taken over human decision making. The impact of algorithms on our day-to-day lives.
#Horror – Is It Worth the Fight? A discussion of censorship and the hashtag #horror. 


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