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Episode 109. Class Act: Society (1989)

The elite are literally a different breed in Brian Yuzna’s cult classic film about the perils of popularity and privilege. In this episode, Andrea and Alex dive into the mystique that surrounds the wealthy and explore why they need the rest of us to survive. 


Society. Dir. Brian Yuzna, 1989. 


Generation Multiplex. Timothy Shary’s fascinating book about the language of film and its influence on teen culture. 
Fran Lebowitz on Race and Racism. The iconic writer on inherited privilege. 
Baby Scoop Era. The period before abortion was legalized which saw a rise in adoptions.  
Orgies: A Brief History of Hanky-Panky. A look back at group sex through the centuries. 
Sociology of the elite. A faddish field, but experiencing a revival now due to growing social inequality.


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