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Episode 17. Blood in the Water: Jaws (1975) and Piranha (1978)


Alex and Andrea take the biggest boat they can find and go into the deep as summer dawns once again. Their bait is the examination of nature as vengeance, the strong hold of Americana and the new masculine hero. Hopefully they’ll be home in time for dinner.


Jaws. Dir. Steven Spielberg. 1975. [Blu-ray/DVD]
Piranha. Dir. Joe Dante. 1978. [DVD] [Blu-ray]


Jaws – Between the Teeth by Peter Biskind. One of the first in depth analysis of Spielberg’s jaws, film writer Biskind tackles the cultural impact and its roots in literature

A guide to the fantastical work of Joe Dante by Keith Phipps, Scott Tobias & Noel Murray. An overview of the career of one of the most beloved directors in genre film.


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