Episode 9. Child’s Play: Children in Horror Films


Alex and Andrea regress back to childhood to discuss children in scary situations. From the good, the bad and the adorable, they tackle notions of class, purity and what happens to the kids who get picked last for Stick Ball.


The Bad Seed. Dir. Mervyn Leroy. 2004. [DVD] [Blu-ray]

The Omen. Dirs. J.M. Kenny, Richard Donner. 1976. [DVD] [Blu-ray]

The Devil’s Backbone. Dir. Guillermo Del Toro. 2001. (Criterion) [DVD] [Blu-ray]


Can You Call A Nine Year Old a Psychopath by Jennifer Khan, originally appeared in The New York Times Magazine. A fascinating look at families dealing with the real possibility that their child may be a psychopath.


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7 thoughts on “Episode 9. Child’s Play: Children in Horror Films

  1. DrunkenGamer67 says:

    Have either of you seen “We Need To Talk About Kevin”?

  2. Gore-or movie fan says:

    My favorite child killer is Gage Creed from Pet Sematary.

  3. Hammycatra says:

    There’s a 2008 Ghost House film called the Children that was pretty unnerving. The children turn evil and try/do kill all the adults.

  4. Gory B Movie says:

    Another fantastic episode. I LOVE that you talked about The Bad Seed! One of my all-time favorites!

  5. Katherine Williams says:

    ‘The Good Son’ is another good one about evil children. Not ~quite~ a horror film but still a great one if you wanna add more to the evil children category! (I”m playing catch up on these podcasts, hence the very dated comment).

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