Filmmaker Spotlight: Ashlea Wessel

Andrea and Alex talk to emerging filmmaker Ashlea Wessel about her new body-horror/creature feature “Ink”. The ladies talk filmmaking styles, assembling a crew and horror influences.

INK poster 2

She also created this amazing photo of The Faculty of Horror! In case you ever wondered what our babies would look like…

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2 thoughts on “Filmmaker Spotlight: Ashlea Wessel

  1. C says:

    Great discussion, but the volume issue with this and the following episode is hugely frustrating as it’s difficult to listen to even on my laptop with the volume on both the player and the computer maxed out in anotherwise silent room. Neither was audible via the podcast app on my phone.

    • Andrea says:

      Sorry about that, C. We’ve inherited new equipment and I guess we’re still working out the bugs. We’ve re-uploaded the Pontypool ep, so try listening again!

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