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Episode 122. Homecoming: IT Chapter 1 (2017) and IT Chapter 2 (2019)

We all float down here… or we’ll lose our minds trying to make sense of Andy Muschietti’s blockbuster horror films based on Stephen King’s classic novel. In this episode, Andrea and Alex investigate the depths of Derry’s sewer system, summer holidays and sexual awakenings.


It Chapter 1 and It Chapter 2. Dir.  Andy Muschietti, 2017 and 2019.


Danse Macabre. Stephen King’s treatise on horror. 
Why do Students Get Summers Off? A history of getting to play hooky in the summer. 
The American Small Town in the Age of the US Empire. The dream and reality of the American small town. 
Return of the Repressed. Robin Wood’s iconic essay about the American horror film. 


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Episode 4. Do you like scary movies?


In this episode, Andrea, Alex and friends tackle the age-old question, which horror films scare you the most? Using different analytical frameworks we discuss a variety of scary films and scenes while grappling with our own traumas.


The Uncanny by Sigmund Freud. Freud’s essay about The Uncanny and its transformative powers.


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