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Episode 115. House Guest: Misery (1990)

Mind the roads this time of year because we’re covering Rob Reiner’s iconic film that delves into the murky territories brought to light when your saviour is also your #1 fan. We cover romance novels, toxic fandom, addiction, and more so buckle up! And make sure you know where the Dom Pérignon is kept. 


Misery. Dir. Rob Reiner, 1990. 


On Writing by Stephen King
Adventures in the Screen Trade by William Goldman
High and Low Culture by Abigail Williams
“Where have all the Artist-Addicts gone?” A New York Times article about the white male writer as tortured artist trope


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Episode 74. Party of Five: The Mist (2007)

Is it the apocalypse or just the start of a new era? Can it be both? Andrea and Alex delve into everything from the military to existentialism, brought to life by Frank Darabont’s controversial adaptation of Stephen King’s novella. 

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The Mist. Dir. Frank Darabont, 2007. .


A Brief History of the End of the World M.R. Carey’s analysis of the apocalypse genre in literature. 

The Philosophy of “Optimistic Nihilism,” Or How to Find Purpose in a Meaningless Universe Open Culture’s helpful video describing how contextualize the end of the world in a healthy, productive way. 

Making Sense of “The Weird and the Eerie” A primer on academic Mark Fisher and his works.


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Episode 46. Don’t You Forget About Me: 2016 Year in Review

2016REVIEWWhat were our favourite movies of 2016? What are your FAQs? And most importantly – is Alex or Andrea the better friend??


In Praise of Paul Feig’s Beautiful Male Idiot – Sam Adams article on Paul Feig’s cinematic trope.

Emily Shoichet, Tattoo Artist – Follow the amazing artist and friend of the Faculty through her social channels listed on her website.

Marxism and Literature by Raymond Williams. Andrea erroneously called it “Marxism and Culture” in the episode, but here’s a nice synopsis.

Reel to Real: Race, Sex and Class at the Movies –  bell hooks’ classic collection of essays on film and the importance of representation.

Danse Macabre – Stephen King’s treatise on classic and contemporary horror.

Fast Cars, Clean Bodies – Kristin Ross’ book on post-colonial France.

Generation Multiplex: The Image of Youth in Contemporary American Cinema – Timothy Shary’s analysis on the changing face of film consumption and its impact on the youth who consume it.


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Episode 43. Compendium of Fear: Creepshow (1982) and Trick ‘r Treat (2007)


The possibilities are endless when it comes to a good scare. The horror anthology is a rarity in the genre but when executed successfully they are beloved. Andrea and Alex do a deep dive into two infamous cult classics which deal in a variety of stories taking place around everyone’s favourite holiday.


Creepshow. Dir George A Romero, 1982.
Trick ‘r Treat. Dir Michael Dougherty, 2007.


Trick ‘r Treat: Season’s Greetings – The short that started it all.

History of Halloween. An extensive overview on how the holiday came to be.

Faculty of Horror’s 31 Days of Halloween – Take a look at Alex and Andrea‘s list of horror movies to watch in the spookiest month.

Stephen King’s Reign of Terror. We team up with our friends at Movies Ruined My Life for a three hour episode all about King.


 Intro song: Nail Ballet from Nightmare Picture Theatre, courtesy of James Zirco Fisher.
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