Episode 61. Stardust: Event Horizon (1997) and Sunshine (2007)

Andrea and Alex reach for the heavens and find the furthest reaches of hell with two films about space exploration and the darkness therein. Event Horizon and Sunshine explore the different reasons humankind would dare try to conquer space and the horrors that might await us there.


Event Horizon. Dir Paul W.S. Anderson, 1997.
Sunshine. Dir Danny Boyle, 2007.


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Death Count: All of the Deaths in the Friday the 13th Film Series, Illustrated by Stacie Ponder.

The Making of Event Horizon. Check out all the behind the scenes stories and detailed production history.

Event Horizon‘s shooting draft of the script.

The Myth of Oedipus. The Greek myth and the importance of sight.

Mad, Bad and Dangerous? The Scientist and the Cinema by Christopher Frayling. A book that specifically looks at the personalities of on-screen scientists.


Reasons Behind Cult Suicide. A look at the reasons and psychology behind mass suicide and why most of the “suicide cults” also involve a fair amount of homicide. 


Kermode Uncut Film Club: Sunshine. British critic Mark Kermode talks about appreciating Danny Boyle’s Sunshine.


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3 thoughts on “Episode 61. Stardust: Event Horizon (1997) and Sunshine (2007)

  1. Heidi says:

    I enjoyed this episode a lot. I have loved Danny Boyle’s films since I watched Shallow Grave in the 90’s. I was super stoked to hear you mention it. Someday, you should do a podcast on that movie.

  2. Steve Kasan says:

    “Prometheus, not the terrible Alien movie”… O.O… :*(
    great discussion about both of these films. I watch Event Horizon constantly and double bill it with Alien as well.
    There are so many themes in EH and that making of documentary is amazing.

  3. Steve Madrid says:

    Another great episode. I feel the same way you both do about EH. The synopsis sounds like the film wouldn’t work, but it kind of does. I saw EH when it was released and it’s always been a film that has stuck with me. I guess it’s a gothic sci-fi film? I like the idea of people trying to maintain their morality in a place that seems devoid of morality. Haven’t seen Sunshine yet. I think I get it confused with Day Watch and Daybreakers.

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