Episode 119. Metamorphosis: The Fly (1958) and The Fly (1986)

Dust off the telepods and put your swatters away – it’s time for our thoughts about a short story, an iconic original film, and an even better remake to mingle molecules in an all-new episode.


The Fly. Dir. Kurt Neumann, 1958. 
The Fly. Dir. David Cronenberg, 1986. 


“The Fly” By George Langelann. The original short story that appeared in Playboy in 1957.

From Pathos to Tragedy: Two Versions of The Fly. Mary Ferguson Pharr’s essay about the different interpretations of the two films.

The Beetle and the Fly. David Cronenberg’s essay about aging, Kafka and his version of The Fly.
On translating Kafka’s “The Matamorphosis.” Susan Bernofsky’s afterword to her 2014 translation of Kafka’s story.


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    I think families were plenty valorized prior to the Cold War. It’s just that with mass affluence more people could afford to both get married and live spread out rather than having an extended family in one place.

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